For the 2020 election season, we’re writing posts for The New-York Historical Society Museum & Library blog …

Delighted to be writing several posts about political advertising and the altered media digital landscape for the New-York Historical Society Museum & Library. If you’re not familiar with this institution, it is one of Manhattan’s unique gems and manages to give its visitors a tantalizing mix of American History blended with a surprising look at New York City. The experience, along with their speaker programs, can only be described as magical.

As part of the museum’s “Behind the Scenes” blog,” the first post: I Approve This Message”: The Birth of TV Campaign Ads and 9 Presidential Election Classics may bring back a few memories. You’ll view remarkable ads dating from 1952, when they first began airing on TV, along with a little history behind each of them.  You’ll note how we remain concerned with the very same issues today.Thought of by many as the best presidential incumbent and nominee election ads ever made, these are among the most emotional, which is the critical ingredient that makes them the best.  Hope, anger, fear, pride. You’ll “feel” all those here.

The second post, Did “I Approve This Message” Live Up to its Promise? goes into the history of this Stand by Your Ad statement and whether it’s still relevant today.

A third to come is about the manipulation fostered by social media and what to watch out for.

Hope you enjoy the read(s), and stay tuned,

Harriett Levin Balkind, founder, HonestAds